Coconut Boy Karaoke & DJ Service






The heat is on.
So, the lives of your closest friends, family members and business buddies will come together and be in your hands for one brief, monumental moment in time. A singular celebration that will forever define your party-hosting skills looms ahead, and the good graces of your entire social circle hang in the balance. Not a big deal right? No Fear.

Coconut Boy Karaoke & DJ Service can handle it.

So just relax and smile a lot. This is going to be fun.

There isn't an event we can't set to music.
Poolside party? Grand ballroom affair? Whether your guests will be in swim trunks and flip-flops or evening gowns and cummerbunds, I'll help you create an event worthy of the occasion.


Service For:

Bars - Taverns - Restaurants

Birthday Parties

Retirement Parties

Engagement Parties

Holiday Parties

Office Parties


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